Veleros, the City of Guilds

The City of Guilds is a dangerous new idea in the world of Tethras. It is the world’s first real attempt at using a democracy to lead a country instead of the long standing Monarchies. When the former King of Malteron was overthrown in a bloody civil war, the City of Guilds established their power. They vowed the country would never again know the tyranny of a Monarch and since then have run the country as a collaboration of equally powered factions. Since then, the capital city of Veleros’ identity seemed to change over night, it was from then on known as the City of Guilds. The city itself has recovered since the Civil War, it happens to be at a powerful center of commerce both by sea and land. Any attempts at hostile take overs have ended in disaster despite the country’s “weakened state”. Due to this many fear the City of Guilds and have since then attempted to build strong alliances where violence has failed. One of the most fearsome known facts about the city is the presence of Squads. They are the eyes and ears of the City of Guilds. Each Squad is made up of members from each guild to assure that each faction has a say in each matter the Squads are involved in. They are the muscle, messengers, and representatives of the City of Guilds and are expected to act as such. Many people take note to not cross a Squad; doing so is not considered good for one’s health. This is the tale of one Squad in particular as they begin to uncover unsettling motions throughout the city and beyond.

The Guilds

The Merchant’s Guild is the main driving force of the economy of Malteron. They conduct the businesses of the country and insure the revenue and currency are stable. The Merchant’s guild however has a dark side, they are commonly known as the Thieve’s guild in the underworld. The Thieve’s guild is a hard place to gain trust, and even when trust has been gained it’s almost never a good idea to extend it. Everyone in the underworld is looking to gain more power, rising through the Thieve’s guild is one of the easiest ways to do it albeit at the highest risk. Anyone part of the said guild is accustomed to watching their backs as often as they make alliances. Alliances are almost never permanent, as everyone is looking to get the best deal, true trust in the underworld is a rare thing indeed. On the other hand, no one knows how to make money like a group of thieves, so giving them control of the main economy isn’t that bad of an idea. In exchange for their services, they receive protection from the other guilds. The residence of the Merchant’s guild is rather mixed, some prefer to pay for the more prestigious homes in the upper districts, while many smiths and other working men reside in the lower districts. The main leader of this guild is currently Altiera, a woman of renowned beauty, skill, and intelligence.

The Brigade is essentially the armed forces of Malteron. The guild is basically for anyone who can wield a sword and have the heart to fight for their country. This group is quite a mix of people, from barbarians wandering in from the wastes to honor bound knights looking to make a name for themselves. The Brigade is also easily the largest of the five guilds, as anyone can join rather easily. Anyone who joins the Brigade is given rigorous training, the military of Malteron is one not to challenge lightly, before a soldier is killed in battle they are typically expected to take three enemy soldiers with them. To make the fact a little scarier, this is usually the case, and more often than not the ratio’s numbers are underestimated. The Brigade is typically a mix of the upper and lower districts. The main leader of this guild is General Draven Balt.

The Church is the main source of religion in Malteron. Many different places of worship for different gods reside in the Church’s influence. To join the Church one must dedicate their life and services’ to the common man and the gods that reign over them. The Church is usually the most peaceful of the five guilds, but that does not make them fierce opponents in their own right. Not many desire to openly betray, insult, or cross the Church, because if the wrath of the gods does not strike vengeance into the nonbeliever’s, the members of the Church will. The Church’s district revolves around a large temple revering several of the gods of this world. The district itself is half of one of the inner most districts, the other half has been given to the Magisters. The current Arch Bishop is Chandler Seaster.

The Magisters are the main sources of magic in Malteron. They typically are at odds with the Church, who believe the gods are the sources of the miracles in the world, whereas the Magisters typically believe it is man who creates their own miracles. As such finding a member of both guilds is extremely rare. The Magisters are also one of the most feared entities in Malteron, these men can bend reality to their whims if they so chose and are not ones to be taken lightly. The Magister’s district is one of the inner most districts, the other half has been given to the Church. The current Supreme Magister is Elkas Carter.

The Artificers are the main driving force of inspiration, innovation, and technology in this world. The Artificer’s make firearms, airships, and even the sewage system in the city possible. As such the other four guilds prefer to not be on this guild’s bad side, because if they are the inventions created daily will not be shared with them. These men and women learned how to harness the power of flight, fire and destruction, and even healing and medicine without having to resort to magic. This does not mean combinations of magic and machine are not uncommon, but the Artificer’s pride themselves in their work and the good they can bring to their country. There is no main leader in this guild, but one of particular renown is Willian Marros. He volunteers to take part in the politics of the country, he enjoys them greatly.

City of Guilds

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