City of Guilds

"I have a new lead."
The next step in investigation

A letter addressed to the individual members of the Squad comes from Jeremiah.

Markington factory and arms is linked to a very well received member of the Church, Bishop Corinthus. Much of the transactions that transpire in Markington’s company had been going between the two; as such much of the funding has been coming from the Church. Whether this is under the table or legitimate has yet to be seen. I’d recommend investigating this when you boys have the chance and see how deep his interactions with Corinthus were.

"I've heard good things about you."
A simple bodyguard endeavor!

A letter address specifically to Ghost, Mavrin, and Kendel has been sent out. The letter’s contents are as followed.

“Dear, (Respective name)

I’ve heard great things about you. I’d like to hire your services and the services of your Squad as body guards for an associate of mine. You see, he is being scheduled to take an overseas trip in the airship cruiser “The Magnificent”. The trip itself will take several days, as the majority of it is to be done by sea. The Magnificent is meant to hold a few parties on the way as well, so you can expect it to be a very busy place over the course of the trip. My associate wishes to make a business proposition to the neighboring country of Acorum, against my better judgement I’ve agreed to let him go so long as he is accompanied by a Squad. I’d like to speak with you and your Squad in person though, please respond promptly if interested. Sincerely, Elkas Carter"
Getting their foot in the door
New business opportunities

Revolution isn’t an uncommon thing in Veleros; it is what the City of Guilds was founded on after all. When there is a small uprising, the council prefers to handle the matters as peacefully as possible to insure their benevolence isn’t question. Certain people, however, feel these uprisings shouldn’t even get so much as a glance from the council of five Guilds. To remove petty annoyances and to assure the Guilds focus on more important matters, people like Jeremiah step in. Jeremiah, an upstanding member of the Merchant Guild’s darker half, hired two individuals usually accustomed to a squad. He had heard good things about the man who went by the name “Ghost”, Jeremiah heard he was brutal, efficient, and cunning. The trait Jeremiah was interested most of all was Ghost would carry out the job without remorse for the victim, exactly what he needed. He sent one of his couriers with a message to meet with him for a job to Ghost; it also asked him to bring someone he knew he could trust. Ghost ended up meeting with a relatively new individual to the guild, a mage well versed in the art of illusions, and managed to coax him into accompanying him into the Merchant Guild’s main offices. Upon meeting Jeremiah, Ghost exhibited his usual routine of lounging in the seat offered, while Mavrin made his case apparent that he wished to stand. Informalities were not good in business negotiations however, due to this Jeremiah insisted he sit. After Mavrin finally accepted his offer, the business began.

“I want you to kill a man, you don’t need to know his name, but no one may know any members of the Guilds were involved. This man has been attempting to provoke an uprising among the populace. He wishes to re-establish the Monarchy and commands a small militia of followers already. He parades through the city preaching to the commoners to rise up and revolt, like our predecessors did before us and overthrow our tyranny. The Council of Guilds wishes to resolve matters with him peacefully, but I’d prefer they focus on more important matters than waste their time on a low life like this.” Jeremiah spoke smoothly, and with a nod he added, “Depending on how well I think the job is done, I’ll offer you an appropriate wage. Should you accept my proposal, my informants have given me the location of one of his more prevalent places where he preaches his dribble.”

Mavrin took the time to request Jeremiah to purchase much needed supplies for the pair, but the Merchant Guild official flatly refused the request. After a little bit of negotiation, Ghost and Mavrin finally left to do their job.

As the pair arrived at the location, they saw a man preaching on a podium surrounded by four guards. Surrounding those individuals were a pair of large wagons, likely used for trafficking their new recruits, and a stage coach more than likely for the leader. The leader continually preached about the corruption of the Guilds and how his “secret weapon” would be their undoing. Not sure what to make of this Ghost told Mavrin to lay low as he began to scout the area. One of the large wagons was almost completely empty, benches the only thing stopping the wagon from being barren. In the second one was a large metal container, locked and possessing a narrow metal eye slit. Ghost looked inside to see darkness, before a large eye came up to the slit and looked back at him. The preacher mentioned showing one of his secret weapons to the people, and as the guards moved toward the wagon he was currently inside, Ghost picked the lock to the box. Climbing up on top of it he had a pair of red eyes follow him the whole way up. As the guards stood at the back of the wagon, a loud roar greeted them as a large four armed horned gorilla smashed open his prison’s door and jumped outside to break the neck of a horse and tackle another. As the guards surrounded the creature, Ghost began to set fire to the wagons with Alchemist Fire in the confusion. Outside the wagons, the crowds were in a panic, some watching the chaos, others running in fear. Mavrin simply remained outside; waiting for Ghost to give him some sort of signal should he need assistance. By this time however, the guards and several eager recruits had surround the white ape, but it continued to make short work of the preacher’s men. Ghost eventually found his way back to Mavrin and asked him to change his appearance to that of one of his guards, which the Illusion Mage did with ease. Ghost then stealthy made his way to the preacher, prompting him to escape to his carriage with him. As the frightened leader made it inside the carriage, Ghost turned to him and stabbed him promptly. The leader immediately felt queasy as the hit met its mark and he fell to his knees trying to make sense of the situation. Next Ghost lit the coach on fire and stepped outside of the coach before locking the door. At this point, the gorilla had destroyed the force guarding the preacher and began to attack the roof of the coach, trying to get his way to the dying leader. In the mean time, Ghost made his way back to Mavrin, and watched with a sick sense of pleasure as the leader dove out of the window in an attempt to save himself, only to be pummeled to death. With that memory freshly engraved, the pair left.

Upon returning to Jeremiah, Ghost promptly requested his payment. Smiling, Jeremiah gave the two five hundred gold each. Ghost was not happy with this amount however and demanded the payment be doubled, but Jeremiah held firm with his previous offer. Vowing to never work with Jeremiah again, Ghost left with Mavrin to return to their own devices. Jeremiah continued to hold his smile and replied to himself, “We’ll see about that.”


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