City of Guilds

"I've heard good things about you."

A simple bodyguard endeavor!

A letter address specifically to Ghost, Mavrin, and Kendel has been sent out. The letter’s contents are as followed.

“Dear, (Respective name)

I’ve heard great things about you. I’d like to hire your services and the services of your Squad as body guards for an associate of mine. You see, he is being scheduled to take an overseas trip in the airship cruiser “The Magnificent”. The trip itself will take several days, as the majority of it is to be done by sea. The Magnificent is meant to hold a few parties on the way as well, so you can expect it to be a very busy place over the course of the trip. My associate wishes to make a business proposition to the neighboring country of Acorum, against my better judgement I’ve agreed to let him go so long as he is accompanied by a Squad. I’d like to speak with you and your Squad in person though, please respond promptly if interested. Sincerely, Elkas Carter"


I hope the Magi Guild pays better than the Merchants guild. I say we meet with Mage Carter, and discuss details. I haven’t been to Acorum yet, lets see how much trouble we can cause, eh?


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